Teaching in Dayton Since 1971

Students of all ages are encouraged to come try out class!
See the difference that the Martial Arts can make in your life. We teach confidence, self-discipline, and respect to our students. Not only is the exercise great for getting in shape and staying fit, but the mental aspects of our training help in every aspect of your life at school, at work, at home, and with friends and colleagues.

Training in Traditional Martial Arts
Cross training in the martial arts can be extremely beneficial. Master Chung has often said: “To know one style is to know your house, to know two styles is to know your neighborhood, and to know three styles is to know the entire universe!” Striking, Throwing, Locking, Choking, Pressure Points, Weapons... These are all aspects of training that are covered in our program.

Come in and see for yourself...
Watch a class, talk with the instructors and even take a whole month of lessons for free (with the purchase of a school uniform) before you sign up for anything. A variety of plans and programs are available to meet your specific needs. We hope to see you soon!

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